Video: The Rothschild Empire

This video is a few years old now but still contains relevant information and a useful reminder of The Rothschild cartel’s influence on global society, poverty, usury and the control of banking over each of our lives.

Despair some change?

Strange thing – money.  There’s no place for me in the supermarket without it.  If I have no money then I don’t eat.  Think about it.  If I don’t eat I die.  Money has become food, clothing, shelter, oxygen.  I pass a woman putting a box of cereal into her trolley.  Her face full of…

Removing Poverty by Barry Hopewell

by Contrary to what some politicians might like you to believe, it is easy to remove most poverty. Simply give poor people, indeed everybody, enough money to subsist. It’s called basic income. How to pay for it? There are two ways. 1. Pay out of current government moneys There are many benefits to the…

Chomsky: Jesus, the Poor, and the Rich

Jesus put people and life before money and profit, before ambition and gain, before property and land, and ahead of corrupt religious ideas and churches that served self-interest, political interests and the interests of the State and the wealthy elite class. Photo credit and thanks to: Chomsky_Quotes