War By Other Means by John Pilger

War By Other Means from John Pilger on Vimeo. How the IMF and World Bank create mass poverty, destruction of natural environments and death.

Argentina: Tens of Thousands March Against IMF-Imposed Austerity

In Argentina, tens of thousands marched through the capital Buenos Aires Wednesday, blocking roads to protest high unemployment and austerity measures imposed by President Mauricio Macri, including cuts to public utility subsidies. The austerity measures have led to higher water and electricity bills. They come as Argentina submitted to a plan by the International Monetary…

Video: The Rothschild Empire

This video is a few years old now but still contains relevant information and a useful reminder of The Rothschild cartel’s influence on global society, poverty, usury and the control of banking over each of our lives.

Despair some change?

Strange thing – money.  There’s no place for me in the supermarket without it.  If I have no money then I don’t eat.  Think about it.  If I don’t eat I die.  Money has become food, clothing, shelter, oxygen.  I pass a woman putting a box of cereal into her trolley.  Her face full of…