Simple Ethics

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Peopleb4Profit Ethics:

By displaying the Peopleb4Profit logo you are saying NO TO GREED and the cultural attitudes and practices that support it. In doing so you agree to supporting practices that aim to protect and respect:

  • Human beings:
    • provide the best possible customer service in business
    • treat employees with dignity and respect, providing them with decent working conditions, reliable hours and pay above minimum wage that prevents unnecessary struggle, stress or suffering to employees and their families
    • provide the best quality and value for money that your business can afford
    • operate a fair refund policy that strives to demonstrate your desire to value people more than financial profits
    • strive to eliminate the practice of usury and market exploitation (greed)
    • offer some form of discount or concession for low-income, minimum wage, volunteer workers or other underprivileged people
    • refuse to support or do business with anyone who profits from or supports oppressive regimes, including all forms of racism, inequality, torture, detention without trial, and apartheid
    • avoid defaulting on debts to friends, family, supporters and those who have been charitable towards you
  • Animals:
    • provide the most humane conditions possible to animals in your care
    • use practices that respect and protect animals and their physical and mental welfare wherever possible
    • seek to actively prevent animals experiencing unnecessary stress, struggle or suffering
  • Environment:
    • make a commitment to reducing the use of harmful or toxic products or substances
    • refuse to support or do business with anyone who profits from substances that seriously pollute, harm and degrade human health, air, land, or water
    • do what you can to preserve, protect and rejuvenate the natural environment, and its wildlife, wherever possible

Too much to ask? Suggestions for additions and revisions are welcome.


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  1. Nice idea. It’s a shame you don’t have more people signing up. There’s an awful lot of complacency around and most people don’t seem to care. Good luck

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stephen says:

      Thanks. Yes, I know


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