Amman to Palestine by Jo62

Written by guest blogger, Jo62, Dec 2018 as an account of her experiences of travelling into Palestine’s West Bank and Israel.  Her story highlights the contrast between the indigenous population of Palestinian Arabs who have suffered over 70 years of Israeli land theft and ethnic cleansing, and the quite different experience of the occupying Israelis….

New Zealand Mosque Killings: an expression of the destructive global agenda

The tragedy of the shootings in New Zealand yesterday is, in my opinion, a symptom of a world that has been hijacked by a destructive Neo-conservative political agenda and which has some individual citizens expressing a similar kind of violence perpetrated by right-wing Western governments. It’s an agenda that seeks to divide people, destroy group…

John Taylor Gatto: Beyond Money

The wonderful teacher John Taylor Gatto, who died last year.  In another of his excellent, insightful presentations, John speaks about the insidious influence of the money mindset and greed culture upon our basic human kindness and concern for the common good.

The Masters are Frightened

By guest blogger Regensordo The masters are frightened. The First World’s terminal decline continues unabated. There is no surer sign of the anxiety of the ruling class than Trump giving center stage to socialism at his State of Union by proclaiming the U.S. will never be socialist. When has that ever happened? Conservative NY Times…