Homeless in Vancouver: For two rough sleepers—a warming trend in the subzero cold snap


Wednesday afternoon (February 6) a Union Gospel Mission (UGM) outreach truck made a rare visit to the Fairview neighbourhood to drop off sleeping bags for two homeless people.

This was no a big deal, unless you happen to have been one of the two homeless people I know who have been sleeping outside in this week’s subzero cold snap with only a blanket and the clothes on their back.

If you put yourself in their shoes—the ones they have had to sleep in to keep their toes from freezing—you can probably imagine what a big deal a sleeping bag might be for them.



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  1. Ridiculous this is still going on!

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    1. Stephen says:

      Hi. I know. Especially when you consider that there is enough for everyone in our world to have a home, food in their bellies, education, and enough money to keep them from worrying. It’s just that the system is built upon all of us competing for survival instead of cooperating and sharing. We’re just so used to the competition model that it insanity feels normal.


      1. And the fact that every thing you just said is so true. Is the most heart breaking thing in the world. How can we still have these fat cats taking from every one without a second though for life anywhere else?

        You keep spreading the word and I will help in anyway way I can. This world needs healing!

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      2. Stephen says:

        Thanks MH. I’m grateful for your support. We can’t all continue to just be spectators to the world as it circles the drain.

        Take care, Stephen


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