What do you do when…?

What do you do when…

…you awaken to a fundamental truth that our global culture is now one that is characterised by international illegality?  What do you do when you realise that the governments that you once assumed stood for ‘good’ are in fact the ones that are perpetrating criminal activity in the world today, and have been for decades?  What do you do when you can clearly see the evidence that proves your own country and its allies are committing international crimes against humanity?

The UK set in motion the conditions in which hundreds of thousands of people have been murdered in Palestine, millions made refugees, and dozens every day are killed, children abducted and imprisoned by the Israeli regime in breach of international law.

The USA continues to finance and actively protect the criminal activities of Israel in its escalating genocide of the Palestinian people.

The UK and the USA both sell billions of dollars worth of weapons to Israel and Saudi Arabia every year, supporting these murderous regimes militarily, resulting in the deaths and starvation and impoverishment of countless Yemeni men, women and children.

The US, UK, Canada, Australia and European Union all support these activities either directly or via inaction.  This alliance also supports the illegal overthrow of a democratically elected government in Venezuela.

The United Nations does absolutely nothing that could be considered meaningful or effective in addressing any of the above illegality.

What do you do when there are mountains of evidence that your ‘leaders’ are criminals as defined by international (and in many cases domestic) law?

Keywords: Bush, Blair, Cameron, Obama, The Clintons, Cheney, Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld, Trump, May, Netanyahu, Mohammad bin Salman, to name a few


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