It is Greed that is Consuming Palestine

Gaza: bombed to ruins by the Israeli Regime

Profit Before People: The Illegal Take-over of Palestine

The Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Syrian land has led to thousands of deaths since Israel commenced their ethnic cleansing campaign in 1948, forcing an estimated 800 000 Palestinians to flee overnight. With millions of Palestinians living in poverty and forced into homelessness as Zionist Israelis continue to drive Palestinians from their own homes and territories, Palestine has become one of the longest-running atrocities ever permitted in modern history.

“We will expel the Arabs and take their place. In each attack a decisive blow should be struck resulting in the destruction of homes and the expulsion of the population.”

David Ben Gurion, Prime Minister of Israel 1937

Israel’s Settler Colonialism: Narcissism by Divine Right

At the heart of the illegal Israeli occupation and its policies is a form of settler colonialism born of racism and greed. The same settler colonialism that destroyed millions of Native American peoples and their diverse culture, Aboriginal Australians and their ancient culture and many other indigenous peoples and cultures around the globe. Such profound greed comes as the result of a narcissistic sense of superiority and entitlement that Imperialists of all races have in their desire to have as much for themselves as possible regardless of the cost in human life. It is characterised by the same sense of entitlement, seen throughout history, that attempts to justify itself by claiming a divine authority held by those who commit diabolical acts of violence against the innocent regardless of the suffering it causes along the way.

Britain’s monarchy has historically used ‘divine right’ as its justification for its elitist hierarchy of wealth and power, with the required violence employed to secure its privileges perpetrated under Monarchic order. The Spanish, again claiming divine right, raped and pillaged and tortured their way through the Caribbean and South Americas ‘in the name of God’. The USA has assumed a modernised version of this role powered by a quasi-democratic oligarchy holding pseudo-religious ‘holier than thou’ status as self-elected global police force that invades and destroys in order to ‘bring peace, justice and democracy’. With a litany of illegal intelligence and military operations, assassinations and coups, economic sanctions and financial manipulations to secure its hegemony, the USA continues its relentless campaign of violence undertaken against foreign and domestic individuals and groups alike, and all in the name of God. And no different from any garden variety perpetrator of abuses against other men, women and children, historically all colonial powers have used variant forms of narcissistic self-justification with the same perverted reasoning and methods. Indeed, it was Hitler’s claim to superior ‘master race’ status that fuelled many of the objections from German Jews, British and Americans alike, even though Hitler’s brand of white supremacism was inspired by American eugenics policies and practices which came into existence long before Hitler himself took power.

In Israel’s case – a case supported by Zionist Fundamentalist Christians – the occupiers of Palestinian land are ‘God’s chosen people’ and therefore they have divine right to land given to their ancestors by God many thousands of years ago. However, this is considered by scholars to be a revisionist version of history, and in any case, as with the Imperialist forms of narcissistic entitlement mentioned above that use violence and genocide as methodologies to secure land and resource rights, contradicts the notion of obedient affiliation to a benevolent God and his teachings through Jesus Christ. The God of Christian belief is one of love, kindness, forgiveness and loving one’s neighbour. Clearly, this sits in direct opposition to the historical and current affairs records of Israel’s actions towards both Palestinians and its neighbours and allies and in no way could be considered ‘Godly’.

Israel’s Racism: Apartheid

Israel enforces a fundamentally racist political ethos via a system of Apartheid similar to policies that existed in South Africa in which Palestinian people and all non-Jews are treated as genetically and spiritually inferior. This is used as a pretext to support the ‘divine right’ of driving non-Jews from their own territory by enforcing extreme suffering, insecurity and hardship upon them in order to render Palestine a Jews-only State. Consequently, whilst most Israelis live lives of freedom, employment, good healthcare, wealth and material comfort, the majority of Palestinians have no access to basic education, income or healthcare, or even their own homes and businesses, and suffer in the most impoverished conditions possible. Gaza itself has been described as ‘the world’s biggest open air prison’, reduced to rubble by years of Israeli bombing runs.

Under Zionist expressions of greed, Israeli military occupation has systematically stolen most of Palestine since 1948, including the Golan Heights, which belong to Syria and which have been occupied by Israel since 1967. These were lands shared peacefully by indigenous Jews and Arabs prior to the influx of Zionists from Europe. The two remaining parts of Palestine – Gaza and the West Bank – have either been reduced to rubble (Gaza) or fragmented by illegal Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes and Israeli settlements (new housing estates and towns built illegally in the West Bank) that are deemed to be in breach of international law. Despite years of condemnation from the United Nations and the international community, Israel continues to break international law with absolute impunity by stealing land, killing, torturing and detaining unarmed civilians, including children, and erecting an ‘apartheid wall’ that segregates Palestinians from the illegal Israeli settlements. Mass immigration by Jews into the illegal settlements from all parts of the world including the USA has simply worsened the situation for indigenous people.

Israel’s Daily Brutality Against Innocent People

The following videos contain images that may be distressing to viewers and show the IDF (Israeli army) conducting themselves in a typically unprofessional, thuggish manner: displaying standards of behaviour that would be unacceptable by any disciplined armed forces anywhere else in the world but which have become the hallmark of Israeli hubris under illegal occupation. They are among hundreds of pieces of evidence easily found on youtube documenting the brutality inflicted upon unarmed Palestinian men, women and children every day, including people shot to death for simply throwing stones or standing too near an Israeli fence:

Not surprisingly, mental health problems plague many Palestinian people as a result of living in inhumane conditions in which they are subjected to State-sponsored terror perpetrated by the Israeli regime, as they continue to suffer imposed hardship and poverty each day of their lives.

“The Israeli army has enough bullets for every Palestinian.”

Avi Dichter, Chair of the Israeli Parliament Defense Committee

Israel’s Infiltration of Other Nations

Israel continues to infiltrate, spy on, and influence nations around the world – including the UK and USA – via propaganda, media manipulation and both covert and overt intelligence opertions (see the documentaries “The Lobby” and “The Lobby USA” below for evidence) and receives billions of dollars in aid and military weapons contracts from the US and UK in support of its actions, again despite Israel’s continual breaches of international law. Israel’s wealth and the billions donated to it each year remain in the pockets of ruling and wealthy Israelis, with little shared with the elderly, disabled or children. The wealth class in Israel (including politicians) also shares nothing with the Palestinians it continues to oppress. Instead bombing Palestinian homes, hospitals, factories and community centres in acts designed to inflict the greatest hardship, loss and suffering upon a now impoverished people. Israel have also recently been caught impersonating aid workers in Gaza in order to undermine the lives of Palestinians.

Israel Silences Criticism

Israel’s strategy against those who criticise its racist aggression is to accuse them of being ‘anti-semitic’; undertaking ad hominem smear campaigns (e.g. Canary Mission) in an effort to ruin the lives, reputations or careers of its Jewish and non-Jewish opponents (e.g. Norman Finkelstein, Jeremy Corbyn, and others). Israel’s recent changes in its laws have also meant that any criticism of Israel’s policies are to be considered ‘anti-semitic’, even though legitimate criticisms of it’s political dogma have nothing whatsoever to do with race or religious belief. Indeed many of Israel’s critics are Jewish people both inside Israel* and around the world** who recognise the crimes committed by Israel in the name of all Jews and who refuse to endorse or support Israel.

Israel’s Greater Greed Agenda: The Yinon Plan

Israel’s long-term political and military campaign aims to expand the borders of Israel into neighbouring Arab countries surrounding it: Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq. This plan – referred to as ‘The Yinon Plan’ or ‘Greater Israel’ plan – is driven by a political greed ideology known as ‘Zionism’. Israel’s conflating of any criticism of Zionism with ‘anti-semitism’ (racism against Semitic peoples) is an unsophisticated attempt to silence its critics, even though Zionism has nothing fundamentally to do with being Jewish. It is a political tactic designed to reverse responsibilities and blame victims and critics of one of the most pernicious forms of racism ever seen: Zionist supremacism.

Conclusion: Israel’s Unholy Alliance

“Ye shall know them by their fruits”

Matthew 7:16

But it would be short-sighted to conclude that Israel is merely a ‘rogue state’ that is responsible for the suffering inflicted in isolated attacks upon non-Jews in the region. Even the briefest analysis of global politics reveals that the forces at work make Israeli hubris the mere tip of a much larger spear. An alliance between the governments of Israel, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia and allies such as France, acting in concert has ensured a momentum around the world of destruction of civil liberties, false flag attacks, and illegal military invasions and assassinations of leaders and individuals opposing Zionist interests. The engineered attacks on the World Trade centre and the subsequent creation of ISIS, for example, by malevolent elements within these ‘allied forces’ as a pretext upon which to invade the Middle East is well supported by evidence easily found on the internet (see John Pilger, Christopher Bollyn, Aaron Russo and others).

“We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq,” says Benjamin Netanyahu. These events “swung American public opinion in our favor.”

More specifically, the unholy coalition of forces (for what genuine Godly people have the habit of choreographing their efforts to do ‘good’ in murderous, genocidal and underhanded ways?) is quite clearly motivated by greed acting within and behind State governments that is driving the rapacious escalation of violent acquisition of lands, artefacts and resources and the a deeply racist annihilation of innocent peoples, mainly of colour, who indigenously and legitimately occupy those lands. In this regard, the different national flags and emblems, country names and militia of the players involved are simply symbolic distractions that contribute to a sense of that there are more players involved than is the case; creating confusion and division in patriotic will amongst the people of the aggressor nations. Our nations and our nations’ peoples are, as always, simply the sources of labour, money and cannon fodder being exploited by elite groups who have no moral or patriotic foundation of their own, but who employ the Machiavellian cunning of intelligence services and politicians to whip up fear, division and hatred between one another and against people who have done us absolutely no direct harm whatsoever. The net effect for the Middle East, of course, is part of the aim: to keep it fragmented, divided and thus easy to control and conquer.

It is the monarchic greed and cartel megalomania of those hidden in the shadows of governments, fronted by our politicians, who are behind Israel’s insipid and relentless ethnic cleansing. The other half of the problem being the complicity of journalists and others who prostitute themselves to whip up hatred of elected targets such as Muslims and Russians, encouraging the western majority to pretend they have no power or responsibility for the obvious injustices escalating by the day in their names. This is why the United Nations – bureaucratic talking shop of the world stage – has had no positive effect in bringing any cessation to either violence or criminal activity by Israel. It is the phenomenon of the sheep remaining huddled in a group in simple fear of the few wolves who they allow to run the show.

The real problem, then, is in believing that the miseries created by these factions might end if Israel just gets what it wants. But it will never end, because greed is a chosen mode of being, and entrenched mindset that only worsens the more it is indulged. And a spiritual emptiness that is never satisfied….

*Search Miko Peled, Ilan Pappe and ‘Breaking the Silence

**Search Jewish Voice for Peace

The good news: you don’t have to be like them…

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