Guest Bloggers Wanted

glasgow therapy counselling people b4 profit

This blog is my humble attempt to get people interested in thinking about and discussing this ‘profit before people’ philosophy that seems to be driving the world into the ground at the moment, and all of us with it.  The hope is to be able to reverse the equation back to ‘people before profit’.  If we don’t then we run the risk of continuing to de-value life for the sake of a buck: devaluing people, devaluing animals, devaluing wildlife; devaluing our biosphere and environment.  It has been worsening for decades and people with eyes that can see are already recognising it.

If you are at all concerned or interested in the subject of greed and the antidotes to greed in our culture it would be great to hear from you.  If you have:

  • posts or poems you’d like to write or share on subjects like greed, generosity, kindness, selflessness, or anything relevant to greed and its opposites
  • articles that analyse the societal problems caused by putting profit first
  • have something to express about your feelings or thoughts on the subject
  • videos or photos
  • current affairs

Please come and contribute.  You can submit your post links via the web form on the front page of the website:

You can also submit anything to the blog that you think might help people, such as free services, discounts for underprivileged people, and other acts of generosity that contribute to a reversal of selfishness in our culture.  For example, I’m currently giving free sessions via my psychotherapy practice at

Please also join in helping make the movement grow by adding your blog address and posting the logo on your website.

Submit your post link or idea

Some guest bloggers have already started submitting their poems and commentaries in a show of their support [links to their blogs in the directory]:

  • Steffthecat
  • Success Inspirer’s World
  • Opher
  • The Middle Human
  • Swarn Gill of Cloak Unfurled

Happy blogging.

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